Tuesday Feature – Jaime

Exciting news! Today I am posting the first photos in a weekly series capturing creative, inspiring people I have come across. A couple of months ago I woke from a dream where I had taken photos and interviewed people for a Tuesday Feature. So why not listen to my subconscious… and do this. My aim is to use different formats, film, polaroid, digi, mixed media to share little glimpses into their lives each week. Potters, artists, musos, dancers, etc… it will be here!

First up, this is Jaime in her second home at Mount Pottery. She teaches, interns, designs and sculpts her own creations here amongst the cute tomato seedlings. Jaime has spent some of her year in London learning from amazing internationally recognised artists, and is now back for summer working on a number of cute creations. Every year Mount Pottery hold a Christmas open night to share what her and owner Larry, and friends have made. I always get there too late, drink too much juice, roast too many marshmallows and buy too many things. [See page for more details]. Here are some film and digi snaps of Jaime at work!

Keep an eye out each Tuesday for a new update x