Behind the Seas

Sometimes it’s not where you are from, but where you are today.

How beautiful in New Zealand; how we can share our mihi and how we are connected to our land vs what you do and who do you know. Beyond that, I’ve always been drawn to why we are here now; further to a chance birth location. Why the east coast. Why Mt Maunganui. Maybe it says more about us where we choose to put down roots, rather than what we were born into. Or maybe that’s just something Aucklanders say.

Most people are connected here by our sea. Moved here for the sea. Fell in love with the sea. Stayed for the sea.

I’ve taken a series of portraits in different formats to show the beauty of our ocean connection. These women live here and have spent hours with me swimming surfing climbing exploring asking and learning from the sea. Here is seven days of portaits of them. Inspired by our days by the sea.